EasyTech by Learning.com
The proven online technology literacy curriculum that helps Kindergarten to grade 8 teachers and students develop and apply technology skills to enhance learning across the core subject areas.  


Over the past three years, 30,000 teachers and nearly one million students worldwide have used EasyTech across the curriculum to achieve true technology integration. We are now pleased to introduce EasyTech 4.0. The next generation of this proven technology integration instructional system contains even more tools to inspire lasting student achievement.




Succeed with EasyTech!


  · Build critical technology skills in the context of language arts, math, science, and social studies

  · Maximise learning by tapping into their unique learning styles

  · Energise the learning process through technology-rich projects

  · Learn to use technology to solve real-world problems

  · Deepen their understanding in all areas of academic study

  · Continue learning at home, the library, or anywhere Internet access is available.

Teachers and technology coordinators:

  · Receive ready-to-use instructional tools and hands-on training

  · Develop computer skills and learn to integrate technology with core curriculum

  · Meet standards for technology and core subject areas

  · Assess and track class and individual student progress

  · Meet the needs of both English- and Spanish-speaking students

  · Implement school and district technology plans


  · Satisfy accountability requirements and legislative demands

  · Successfully meet technology-curriculum integration goals

  · Assess and communicate student performance

  · Ensure teacher technology proficiency requirements are met

  · Foster active learning communities

Start integrating technology today!

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